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On October 10, 2020, the series of activities of the 2020 Green Carpet Fashion Awards Ceremony: Press Conference and Roundtable Conference, Green Carpet Ceremony, and Sustainable Fashion Awards Dinner were grandly held in Shanghai Tower, the tallest building in China. With the theme of solidarity and rebirth, the ceremony advocates the construction of a new social context under the principles of social and environmental justice, and promotes this concept from Italy to the world as the world's first award established to encourage sustainable products.
The Green Carpet Fashion Awards Ceremony is jointly organised by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion (CNMI: Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana) and the sustainable development brand consultancy Eco-Age, for its sustainability and environmental protection The theme has attracted the attention of the fashion industry. In 2020, it was introduced to China for the first time by China's exclusive partner APAX Group and Shanghai Fashion Week.
2020 Green Carpet Fashion Awards Ceremony Award-Winning Group Photo
(Photo: 2020 Green Carpet Fashion Awards Ceremony Award-Winning Group Photo)
A total of ten awards were presented at this year's Green Carpet Fashion Awards Ceremony, five of which were presented at the event in Shanghai, China. The scene is presented through an innovative combination of offline and online, combined with AR, holographic technology, digitalisation and film techniques and other specialised playback technologies. Held at the same time as Shanghai Fashion Week, broadcast exclusively by British Sky Broadcasting Company, Youtube and Tencent Video Tencent Fashion, covering the world.

The guests who attended the 2020 Green Carpet Fashion Awards Ceremony included the leaders of the Chinese government and the Italian embassy, ​​representatives of the Italian National Fashion Chamber of Commerce and the Shanghai Fashion Week Organising Committee, brand representatives, partners, media representatives, and many stars: Li Yuchun, Zhou Bichang, Zhang Yunlong, Song Feiyan , the9 Zhao Xiaotang, Zhang Xinzhe, Lin Dan and his wife, Hu Bing, Lv Liangwei and his wife, Zhou Shiming and his wife, and nearly 300 people came to witness the successful holding of the first green carpet fashion awards ceremony in China.
真珠美学创始人Peggy Sun
(Photo: Founder of Pearlosophy Peggy Sun)
At the press conference held in the afternoon and the award ceremony in the evening, Mr. Carlo Capasa, Chairman of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, and Ms. Livia Firth, Creative Director of Eco Age, a sustainable development brand consultancy, delivered speeches through live connection. Mr. Carlo Capasa said: "The Green Carpet Fashion Awards Ceremony is of great significance to come to China on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Italy. It will further increase the exchanges, cooperation and profound friendship between Italy and China on the road of promoting the sustainable development of fashion." The Chinese organiser of the Carpet Fashion Awards Ceremony, Mr. Terence Chu, founder of APAX Group, said: "2020 is an extraordinary year. The epidemic has caused people to fall into reflection. Sustainable development in the fashion industry should be practiced and promoted. I hope that through this Green Carpet Fashion Awards Ceremony, I will appeal to everyone to maintain faith and determination even in difficult times, and to pass on the eco-friendly concept.”
The roundtable meeting speaker Ms. Chen Zhuo, China Chief Representative of the Italian National Chamber of Italian Fashion (CNMI), Ms. Ye Xiaowei, founder of yehyehyeh, Ms. Wang Zhen, chairman and general manager of Inner Mongolia Erdos Resources Co., Ltd., Ms. Cheng Yingting, chief operating officer of Marangoni College, Italian Professionals such as Professor Roberto Pagani, Science and Technology Counselor of the Consulate General in Shanghai, attended and participated in the discussion, presenting a sustainable fashion dialogue full of dry goods. Promote exchanges and cooperation between China and Italy in the fields of fashion, design, environmental protection, etc., introduce the concept of fashion and environmental protection into China, and promote the future of sustainable development of China's fashion industry.
The Green Carpet Gala and Sustainable Fashion Awards Dinner was co-created in a new format by Grammy-nominated director, Giorgio Testi and Emmy-winning Pulse Production, with Northhouse Studios leading a team of world-leading talent and expert consultants through special effects, AR enhancements Realistic technology and the holographic technology production provided by ARHT Media present an experience effect that subverts imagination. Attending the dinner and giving speeches were: Mr. Michele Cecchi, Consul of Italy in Shanghai, Mr. Zhu Yong, Secretary General of Shanghai Fashion Week Organizing Committee, Chairman of Shanghai Garment Industry Association, Mr. Gu Jianping, Managing Director of Shanghai Tower Construction Development Co., Ltd., etc. A total of ten awards were issued that night, and five awards were presented at the event in Shanghai, China, in recognition of the unremitting exploration and outstanding contributors to the sustainable development of Chinese fashion.
2020 Green Carpet Fashion Awards Gala Dinner
(Photo: 2020 Green Carpet Fashion Awards Gala Dinner)
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Author: Wang Hui | Translated By: Pearlosophy Singapore

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